Veritas Wellness was established to help educate and support people in their quest for health and wellness. The program will benefit you whether you are sick and trying to get well or are well and wanting to not get sick.

The Veritas Wellness program will teach you why America has fallen from first place to last in health outcomes and how to avoid being an American health statistic.

Participants will be guided through the Veritas 4 Pillars of nutrition, hydration, movement and peace via a 6 part video teaching series, access to a private online forum, support materials and opportunities for one-on-one visits with Veritas Wellness Navigators to help personalize your journey through the diet and lifestyle changes.

The medical literature is clear, pre-World War II the United States was the healthiest country in the world and today we are the sickest. Our health crisis has developed over 75 short years which means we can’t blame our genes since genes don’t change that fast. The medical literature is clear that it is epigentics, aka diet and lifestyle, that is driving this chronic disease epidemic. The Veritas Wellness program will teach and support you in changing your epigenetics.