5 Day Plan

What To Order In A Restaurant

Eating out can be really hard in the beginning but is really not a difficult thing after you become familiar with what your body needs and what it doesn't. I'm going to list a few of my favorites below, but as a generic rule, you can almost always order a burger without the bun and replace the fries with a side salad, order a salad (chef salad, taco salad, fajita salad, grilled chicken salad), order fajitas and skip out on the tortillas and rice, order a steak , and the list goes on. Here is a list of some Lubbock restaurants and some ideas of what to order when you go there.
Order fajitas with romaine lettuce as your wrap option. I love the bacon wrapped stuffed shrimp, but you can also get beef or chicken. You'll want to skip the beans and rice and opt for healthier sides. I always order the sautéed vegetables and Queso Rojo, which is a pepper covered in cheese and pico de gallo.
Jimmy John's
They will allow you to order any sandwich and have it wrapped in lettuce, instead of using bread. I think they call this their Unwich.
Blue Sky
Oder the "Protein Plate". This has two hamburger patties, chicken breasts, or one of each - topped with cheese and two slices of bacon. It is serve with your choice of pico de gallo, green chili's, or chili, and a side salad. I like to order the Greek salad as my side salad because it is full of other great vegetables.
Jason's Deli
We get the unlimited salad bar and avoid the pasta and bean salads. There are plenty of great vegetables to top your salad with, and it is very filling. Occasionally, we will accompany our salad with a cup of chili topped with cheese and onions.
Café J
All of their starter/side salads are really great! The Balsamic Salmon (skip the rice and ask for veggies), Black Tea Poached Sea Bass, Tomahawk Porkchop, and the Gourmet Burger are all plates that I have tried and loved!
The Plaza
They have several different chicken dishes that can last two meals. Mexican Pollo (skip the cheese enchilada), Pollo Asado (skip the cheese enchilada), Terriyaki Chicken (skip the white rice), and Smothered Chicken are all great options. You'll want to replace any rice or bean sides with vegetables and salad, but they are really good about letting you do this.
Order a salad with your meat of choice. My favorite is carnitas, but I know they're all great. Add a healthy helping of vegetables, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. If you enjoy spicy things, try one of their hot sauces as your salad dressing.

50th Street Caboose
Charbroiled Steak Ranchero and Del Rio Chicken Dinner both look like good options, but avoid the tortillas that come with the. They also have some good salads.
They have a good selection of burgers and you can just as them to hold the bun. My favorite is the Sunrise Burger because I just can't pass up a sunny side up egg on top of my burger. I always ask for a side salad instead of fries.
Texas Roadhouse
Who can pass up a good steak? I like the sirloin because it is a fattier cut. For my sides, I order their salad (which I LOVE) and broccoli with parmesan cheese.
Walk Ons Bistreaux
They serve garlic bread with almost all of their platters. You will want to skip out on this. Order the Grilled Chicken and ask to replace the potato with a side salad They also have Tuscan Chicken that looks good, but hold the rice. Voodoo Shrimp, Catfish Atchafalaya, and Blackened Mardi Gras Mahi are all good options, but replace the rice or grits with a side salad. They also have a good selection of salads, burgers (hold the bun and a side salad), and wraps that you can ask if they would wrap in lettuce.
They have several chicken and sea proteins that are not breaded and fried (Braised Chicken, Cashew Crusted Chicken, Sauteed Chicken, Maple Glazed Salmon, Grilled Shrimp Scampi, Pan-Seared Scallops, and Blackened Trout). You would just order a side salad or steamed vegetables in the place of mashed potatoes or breaded and fried sides.
Hibachi grills are good options if you stick to the protein and vegetables, but skip out on the rice.
Toro Burger
All of their burgers are really great. Stay away from the ones that have refined carbs, like mac-n-cheese or hot Cheetos, but most of them are pretty safe. I order it wrapped in lettuce without a side because it is plenty. If you are wanting to have a few more carbs this meal, their sweet potato fries are good.