Nutritious Food Swaps





Table Salt

Any sea salt

Real Salt, Celtic Sea Salt or any other unprocessed brands



Organic Butter

Butter from an organic and pastured source; can be raw

Crisco or other cooking oils like vegetable/corn/peanut or canola oil

Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Ghee, Lard, Palm Oil

Any of these good oils (coconut and lard perfect for baking) that are organic, unrefined or from a pastured source (if an animal fat)

Soy bean oil (found in many salad dressings and mayonnaise)

Mid or high oleic sunflower oil

Olive oil

Quality avocado or olive oils used to make homemade condiments


Sir Kensington's (Avocado oil version), Chosen Foods, Tessemae's

Primal Kitchen

Homemade mayonnaise (see Basic Recipes)

Salad Dressings


Bragg's brand dressings, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar w/olive oil, Primal Kitchen, freshly squeezed citris juice, homemade dressings

*Refined White Sugar

Organic Cane Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar or Date Sugar

Train your tastebuds not to need 'sweet' and use the good or better options very sparingly when you do.

Artificial Sweeteners such as Splenda, Equal, or Sweet-n-Low

Processed products made with sugar alcohols such as Swerve, Truvia, etc.

Monk Fruit, Stevia, Erythritol

Train your tastebuds not to need 'sweet' and use the good or better options very sparingly when you do.

Pancake syrups, Karo syrup, Sorghum, etc.

Monk Fruit Maple Flavored Syrup

*Pure maple syrup, raw honey or black strap molasses

Canned/Dried vegetables/fruits

Organic versions



Milk (and other dairy made from milk - like yogurt, cheese, and sour cream)

Organic, full fat

Organic, full fat, grass-fed or pastured

Grass-fed/pastured and raw, full-fat from a local, trusted source

Soy milk

Nut milk (like almond) or coconut milk

Organic, full-fat, no-added sugars/thickeners, etc. OR homemade. (MALK is a great brand of nut milks. Don't forget canned coconut milk).



Organic, no nitrates/nitrites, no antibiotics/hormone s

Grass-fed/pastured from a local or other trusted source

*White or Whole Wheat Flours

Einkorn, Spelt

Sprouted or fermented/soured grains such as einkorn or spelt

Convert recipes to non-grain versions

Gluten-free mixes

Try buying your own gluten free flours & starches such as rice or oat and making recipes from scratch

Grain-free recipes that are mostly almond or coconut flour and low on starches (like arrowroot or tapioca)

Organic almond and coconut flours

*Pasta, tortillas, etc.

Rice or Ancient grain

Siete tortillas or Sprouted grains

Spaghetti squash or zuccinni noodles; Romaine lettuce leaves as wraps/tortillas

*Juices & Sodas

Zevia or other stevia sweetened drinks

Kombucha, quality coconut water

Sparkling water, tea, coffee, bulletproof coffee (see Basic Recipes), flavor your own water


Bean or sweet potato chips

Chips made with avocado or coconut oil and no additives

Making your own chips and fries at home with healthy fats!

Soy sauce

A brand that uses non- GMO soy beans (Eden Organics)

Bragg's Liquid Aminos or a traditionally fermented soy sauces made from non-GMO soy beans

Coconut aminos (sweeter)

Seasonings and seasoning blends


Organic, non- irradiated, non GMO (Frontier Brand is a great one)

Make your own spice blends at home with quality spices.

*Microwave popcorn

Buy in bulk, organic (and even heirloom) varieties of popcorn and pop it stove-top in avocado or palm kernel oil. Season to taste.

Marinara Sauce

No extra sugars, no additives

Organic, no extra sugars, no additives

Homemade marinara suace made with organic and/or fresh tomatoes & other quality ingredients